What Out For Scamming

What Out For Scamming

I'm always open to competition.

But there is some website that keeps stealing my picture and content without permission.

I'm here to make a clarification.

This website is called williamlee.shop/William MarvellousItems (even if the name is a copy) is not affiliated with me.

The site has used a lot of my product pictures without permission.

I have already gotten the proof of how they stole the content of mine and preparing to deal with it in the legal process.

Its Youtube has keep stolen the videos created by me and my team members.

I don't know whether it will scam you or not.

But I don't supply it, so if you are going shopping here, watch out.

(It's okay if you can trust some sites that even don't want to spend any time taking pictures of the products they are selling and keep stealing others's videos.)

This website valogear.com, keeps stealing my product pictures.

It's shut down at the moment.

I don't know whether it will open in the future.

Please be careful.

There might be more copy sites/scamming sites trying to pretend to be me or using my content for scamming.

My site is just a small business, and I keep being responsible for my customers.

It's not very profitable but I was trying to provide my fans and customers with long-term value which is helping you get high-end handicrafts at affordable cost.

I don't know why there are more and more sites pretending to be me or stealing my content.

I guess scamming has no cost, am I correct?

Leone Tang

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