What's My Next Project?

What's My Next Project?

Hey guys,

Now I have 2 projects that were requested by followers.

1. Loba heirloom 

Loba heirloom

2.Octane heirloom recolor.

Octane heirloom

The Loba heirloom was released around a year ago.

I like it, but it's so complex that I didn't put it on my plan until now.

Octane heirloom recolor looks very cool in my mind, I'm interested in it.

Which one do you want me to do for the next project?

Leave your comments here so I can see.

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The Loba heirloom would immediately be in my cart if you somehow made it into a working war fan, I would absolutely love to see you bring it to life
Leones Marvelous Items replied:
I will think about it.     -———————- Original —————————

Jaret Schmidt

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