Xenohunter Knife IRL Pre-Order

Xenohunter Knife IRL Pre-Order

After making a lot of game knife replicas in real life.

I'm always thinking about making some game knife in real life that real functional. 

The Xenohunter knife seems to be an ideal one.

It has a practical design but with a simple aesthetic feeling.

Then I started to design this knife for a real one.

xenohunter knife 3d design

It has a one-body design so it will be solid enough for multiple outdoor life usage.

The knife won't break off because of some extreme application scenarios.

The game knife design has a lot of triangular holes on the handle which means the knife should have a hollow part at the handle part.

xenohunter handle design
I have used the integrated injection molding process to make the plastic handle.

xenohunter knife design
The injection molding machine will make the handle with liquid raw material while the knife handle part is inside.

It gives the handle a very strong structure and is durable for violently using.

The blade itself has a hardness of Rockwell hardness 56HRC.

We will make it a sharp blade that is sharp enough for cutting paper.

sharp blade of xenohunter

Now the first Xenohunter knife is finished, let's have a look at the final product.

xenohunter knife steel

xenohunter irl

xenohunter in hand

The item you will get is the same as this one, and a nylon sheath will be attached to this knife for carrying it outdoors.

You can also use it as a knife collection, I provide a wooden holder for displaying it.

xenohunter with display stand

Anyone who pre-orders this knife will get the metal tiny Xenohunter knife keychain for free.

xenohunter keychain

The estimated release date for this knife is at the end of this month( June of 2023).

Maybe hurry up for getting this classic game knife, it will serve you for years.

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