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AM002 Wooden Mechanical Models Kits Catapult Ancient Weapon

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AM002 Wooden Mechanical Models Kits Catapult Ancient Weapon

  1. Precise cutting with error within 5 microns
  2. smooth
  3. Accurate card slot, smooth assembly

Ancient Weapon Catapult Wooden Mechanical Models Kits

A model kit brings you back to the ancient battle.

What we provide is the model kit you need to assemble it yourself.

We do not provide the glue for the rule of international transportation. You need to purchase it in your market.

wooden model kit

stone trower model kits

3d wooden model kit toys

Chassis is moveable, you can shoot in any direction by adjusting it.

Chassis moveable

This delicate thing is the slinger of an ancient war.

You can think of it as a craft, a work of art, and put it in your home.

You can do it with your child,

develop your child's practical skills and inspire him.

It can be a good companion for decompression in your office and leisure.

Don't miss it if you are a collector.


Here is a story about Throwing Stone Crossbow:

The sling crossbow is an elastic trebuchet.

It evolved from the combination of bed machine and trebuchet,

using huge bowstring torque to eject stones.

Compared with other stone-throwing equipment, the stone-throwing crossbow is more lightweight and convenient.

It can be arranged at any desired location.

Stone-throwing crossbow is more sensitive. Turning the chassis can adjust the projection direction arbitrarily.

Adjusting the lever can change the projection angle and range.


Length: 22CM

Width: 20CM

Height: 16CM


We are finely sanded to prevent burrs.

We strive for perfection to ensure smooth products.

It can be easily removed and the parts are intact.


Our cutting is precise and the error is controlled within 5 microns.


The slot of the crossbow is accurate, and the assembly is smooth.


Buy it back, assemble it yourself, and fully enjoy the fun of DIY.