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AM007 Flaming Chariot Wooden Mechanical Toys Military Model Kits for Adults

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AM007 Flaming Chariot Wooden Mechanical Toys Military Model Kits for Adults

1.Players assemble it by themselves and fully enjoy the fun of DIY

2.Full supporting production materials

3.Delivery of detailed assembly paper instructions for smooth installation

4.Fine grinding to prevent burrs from sticking hands

5.The card slot is precise and easy to disassemble, ensuring that the parts are in good condition and assembled smoothly

Flaming Chariot is an ancient defensive weapon, it uses boiled oil to prevent enemies from attacking.

What we provide is a flaming Chariot wooden model puzzle kit.

What we provide is the model kit you need to assemble it yourself.

We do not provide the glue for the rule of international transportation. You need to purchase it in your market.

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wooden model kit

military wooden model

Flaming Chariot Wooden Mechanical Toys

The design of the flame chariot model was inspired by the movie "Confucius". During the Spring and Autumn Period, a rebellious subordinate threatened to kill Confucius. Confucius defeated him with a "pour truck" at Wuzitai. He was killed under the powerful offensive to suppress the army. The oil dump truck mainly heats cold oil. When the enemy forces approach the city tower, they pull open the organs. And the oil tanks fall over to the enemy forces under the effect of gravity, causing huge lethality and even destroying enemy siege equipment.

Each of us likes to watch movies, and we are relaxed and happy when watching movies. After watching an ancient military movie, pick up an ancient chariot model around you to assemble components. I believe we can appreciate the wisdom of the ancients at a glance, and also feel the power of ancient weapons. This chariot model is a high simulation model design, providing you with a complete set of supporting materials. You do not need to worry about insufficient materials to prevent smooth assembly. Finely polished wooden jigsaw components to care for your fingers and feel smooth at the same time. You can easily disassemble and keep each piece intact. Distribute detailed assembly instructions to help you get started easily and achieve a successful installation.

Buy it and get the same model of the chariot after watching the movie.