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AM009 Scaling Ladder Military Wooden Model Kits For Adults

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AM009 Scaling Ladder Military Wooden Model Kits For Adults

1.High simulation design model, highly restored ancient military weapons

2. Beautifully designed, can do indoors, study rooms, desk decoration

3. Each piece of the puzzle is marked with a serial number, easy to assemble

4. Players assemble it by themselves and fully enjoy the fun of DIY

5.Full supporting production materials

Scaling Ladder Military Wooden Model

Scaling Ladder is an ancient war siege machine. Soldiers use it to climb up enemy walls.

The scaling ladder model we provide is a 3D wooden puzzle model kit.

What we provide is the model kit you need to assemble it yourself.

We do not provide the glue for the rule of international transportation. You need to purchase it in your market.

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Scaling Ladder model

Scaling Ladder wooden model kit

The ladder car is an ancient large-scale siege type chariot, which adopts a two-stage movable ladder structure. The offensive soldier pushed the ladder car forward, approached the target, and turned the linkage handle to pull up the secondary ladder. Use aerial ladders to fight so that soldiers can attack the city directly.

Do you know what's wrong with ordinary puzzles? After being assembled, it is a flat pattern, which cannot present a three-dimensional effect. Now our model kit of ladder car can not only let you experience the fun of jigsaw, but it will be a three-dimensional model. You can also use it for interior decoration, which is very ornamental. This kit is completely designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of its real chariot structure so that you can fully experience the fun of making the real structure of chariot in the puzzle.

Each puzzle is marked with a serial number, which is convenient for you to correspond to the assembly instructions and achieve a successful assembly. Complete and sufficient supporting materials, you don't need to worry about insufficient materials to prevent smooth assembly. Finely polished, deburred wooden puzzle pieces that won't hurt your fingers. Each piece is precisely cut so you can easily disassemble and keep it intact. Own it, improve your hands-on ability, and get a beautiful decoration.