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FF Series Cloud Sword Sephiroth Katana Squall Gun Blade 9 In 1 Pack

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$79.99 USD

FF Series Gun Breaker Sephiroth Katana Cloud Buster Sword 9 In 1 Pack

These small swords are inspired by 9 famous swords from the Final Fantasy series.

As a gamer, I'm interested in making cool game weapons miniature in reality.

They are hand-polished, hand-painted casting metal game handicrafts.

Each of the tiny swords is blunt so it's safe to display them on your desk.


1. Length (Fusion Sword): 20.5CM/8.07"

    Weight (Fusion Sword): 67g/2.3 Oz

2. Length (Hardedge Sword): 20.5CM/8.07"

    Weight (Hardedge Sword): 73g/2.5 Oz

3. Length (Invictus Sword): 22CM/8.7"

    Weight (Invictus Sword): 47g1.68Oz

4.Length (King Regis Sword): 22CM/8.7"

    Weight (King Regis Sword): 94g/3.3Oz

5.Length(Cloud Buster Sword): 22CM/8.7"

    Weight(Cloud Buster Sword): 62g/2.2Oz

6.Length(Ultima Sword): 22CM/8.7"

   Weight(Ultima Sword): 51g/1.8Oz

7.Length(Gunblade): 22CM/8.7"

Weight(Gunblade): 98g/3.4Oz

8. Length (Ultimate Divine Weapon Sword): 22CM/8.7"

Weight (Ultimate Divine Weapon Sword): 54g/1.9Oz

9. Length (Sephiroth Katana): 26CM/10.2"

Weight (Sephiroth Katana): 52g/1.8Oz

Material: Zinc Alloy

Package: Plastic Card Box


1. Tiny weapon collectors;

2. Gamer gifts;

3. Cold weapon hobby collectors gift;

4. Mini figure weapon.