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We don't ship the balisong model to CA

Pre Sale Octane Heirloom Metal Model-Estimated Shipping Date July 10th
Pre Sale Octane Heirloom Metal Model-Estimated Shipping Date July 10th

Pre Sale Octane Heirloom Metal Model-Estimated Shipping Date July 10th

Precio habitual $88.00 Precio de venta $29.99
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Pre Sale Octane Heirloom Metal Model


Hey, guys Leone here. Thanks for the support from all you guys.
I finally finished the 1:1 metal Octane balisong model.
What you can see in the picture and videos will be the final product you can get.
Now I'm making the Octane heirlooms you pre-ordered from my site. 
And Once again, the price is 29.9$ you
(pre-ordered customers) still need to pay me the rest 28$ before I ship it to you.
I will e-mail the final payment link to all the customers who had paid a deposit.

The expected offering date is July 10th,  2021. Now you can make a full payment and wait for its shipping or wait and place orders after the offering date.

Considering a plastic Octane butterfly knife is sold at about 90$ on Etsy, this product is quite hot now.  I plan to make about 500 units of this model and stop making it anymore. 
So you need to be hurry if you need this item.

1. About the trustworthy problem?
I know you are worried about ordering on a small site, but I don't have an Amazon store at the moment.
All I can say is I'm running this site for over 2 years, and I'm also a creator on Youtube that has over 60K followers, I don't need to scam anybody. Contact me via info@leonetang.com will be helpful if you do not receive your order in time, or there is a quality problem with your order. 

2. Shipping area
I'm trying my best to deliver this cool thing all over the world. But the reality is it is a metal butterfly knife model. It means most of the countries' customs might reject with no hesitation.
So I only deliver to a few countries at the moment, they are the USA mainland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, UK, Australia. 
Please notice that Canada, UK, and Australia have a higher customs rejection rate. 
I will refund those orders that rejected by customs. 

3. Tracking 
You don't need to download any apps to track your order. I will send you the tracking code via the e-mail you left on your order. You can track the order via www.trackdog.com. 


The plastic one sold on Etsy.

octane butterfly knife


Customers who can not place an order at the moment can join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/octaneheirloom) for more information.
We might find a way to deliver it to you in the future.

Material: Zinc Alloy (metal)

Opened Length: About 25CM/9.8"

Folding Length: 19.5CM/7.7"

Weight: 185g/6.5oz

Scale: 1:1