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Octane Heirloom Recolor Replica-Octane Balisong Prototype Prop

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Octane Heirloom Recolor Replica-Octane Balisong New Skin Model

Hey, guys Leone here. 

Updated on Mary 28th, 2024.

After a series of efforts, my Octane Heirloom Recolor version is ready now.

The product images will show you the final products.


Material: Zinc Alloy (metal), 

Opened Length: About 25CM/9.8"

Folding Length: 19.5CM/7.7"

Weight: 180g/6.3oz

Scale: 1:1 

Package: Carton

Handmade handicrafts might have a little deflect sometimes, the international delivery also might make some scratches on the crafts.  Please think about it if you are a perfectionist.

Here are some details about the Octane heirloom recolor replica

1. Q: What will it look like?
    A:  I can promise my replica has over 95% similarity to the game design. Plus the metal material I apply for making the heirloom. It will have a fantastic appearance and gives you an amazing feeling of touch. 
It will have a removable syringe part (needle), a real liquid tube, and a full metal body.

2. Q: Can I use it as a trainer?
    A:  I will apply bearings to make it flipping smoothly. It still has a blunt blade but I suggest you buy a real trainer instead of my craft to master the balisong skills. The octane heirloom's structure is not a good trainer design. This is mainly for collection. The acrylic tube is much stronger than the glass tube, but, it might break too if you always drop it on solid ground. 

3. Q: Is the liquid harmful?
    A:  It's a mixture of oil, pigment, and cocktail glitter. It's safe for people, but, don't try to drink it for any reason. The liquid will precipitate with a long-term stillness, shaking it for a better appearance.

4. Q: What are the package and accessories?
    A:  It will have a nice carton package as the new one I have applied to the Octane heirloom V3. There will also be a screwdriver so you can adjust the screws.

5. Q: If I order now when will you ship it?
    A:  It's a pre-ordering item, I'm still making it and solving the difficulties of rebuilding it. The release date should be on July 1st. And I will start shipping it to my customers when it's released.

6. Q: When will it arrive after shipping out?
    A: It takes 15-25 days to the USA and about 20-40 days to the EU and other areas. 

7. Q: What if I changed my mind after pre-ordered it?
    A: You are available to cancel it whenever before it's shipping to you.

8. Q: What if I am not satisfied with it after getting the final product?
    A:  I will post details about this project during its progress. And the picture and review video of the final product will be updated before it's finally released. You can cancel the order if you are not satisfied with it after seeing the details. But I don't accept returns after it's delivered without a quality problem. That's because the returning items usually can not get through our customs.

9. Q: How can I make sure this won't be any kind of scam?
    A: I have over 600K followers, on social media, you can find me on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok. This is not the first time I have done pre-sale, and not the first day, I'm selling the heirloom replicas here. Trust me, this is not a scam.