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Revenant Heirloom Dead Man's Curve Metal Model

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$39.99 USD

Hey, guys Leone here. 

This is a preview page of my Revenant heirloom the Dead Man's Curve.
It's still in progress now. And more information will be post soon.
You can store this page in your browser or shop app to check the updating. 
Or you can join my Facebook group for updating. 
1. Q: What's the size of the Revenant heirloom model, will it be on a 1:1 scale?
    A: A 1:1 scale Revenant will be cool, but it will be not allowed to deliver to a lot of countries. And the price will be unaffordable to most gamers.  I'm considering making it on about a 1:3 scale. It's about 40cm/15.7" in length. 

2. Q: What's the material of it?
    A: It will be a kind of Alloy. (metal)

3. Q: Will it be foldable?
    A: Yes, it should be foldable like what is in the game.

4. Q: Will the blade be a sharp one?
    A: Nope, the blade will be a blunt one. It's just made for collection. 

5. Q: When will it be ready?
    A: Might be ready at the end of September.