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AM012 Single Arm Catapult Stone Throwing Machine Trebuchet

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AM012 Single arm trebuchet

Product specifications:
1.Made of Wood board precisely cut
2.Easy to build with all material included
3.Detailed instruction for easy assembly
4.Fine polishing of products, rejection of burrs, ensuring smooth product feel
5.Players assemble it themselves and enjoy the fun of DIY

Single arm trebuchet

Single arm trebuchet

As a military enthusiast, you like to know and know some military weapons. Whether it is modern military weapons or ancient military weapons, they are all you want to know. There is now a model of an ancient military weapon that you must not miss. The single-arm trebuchet, which is called the single-arm vertical torque trebuchet, mainly relies on the projection of the rubber tendon noose. This weapon was popularized in the Roman Empire. During the strongest period of the Roman Empire, the territory spanned Eurasia, Africa, and three continents, so torsion spring projectors were also popular throughout the Mediterranean. It is a highly simulated wooden model component, which is assembled into a 3D solid model. You need to assemble it yourself while enjoying the fun of DIY, get a beautiful home decoration that can be placed on the desk or study. It is also an educational and fun jigsaw puzzle that trains your child's brain development and cultivates patience. Let them get a sense of accomplishment after assembly. Playing wooden puzzles can exercise one's concentration and keep you away from the eye damage caused by tablets and mobile phones. At the same time, you can spend a happy DIY time with family and friends in the process. Distribute detailed assembly paper instructions, illustrated steps to restore the entire assembly process, you do not need to worry about unsuccessful assembly. Own it, feel the wisdom of the ancients, and enrich your military cultural knowledge.

Single arm trebuchetSingle arm trebuchetSingle arm trebuchet

Single arm trebuchet

The one-arm vertical torsion trebuchet relies mainly on the tendon rifling return force projection, which was promoted during the Roman Empire (27 BC - AD 395).

.During the most prosperous period of the Roman Empire, the territory spanned Europe, Asia and Africa, west of Spain, Gaul and Britain, east to the upper reaches of the Euphrates River, south to the north of Africa, north to the Rhine and Danube, and the Mediterranean is its "inner lake."

.Therefore, the torsion spring projector is also popular throughout the Mediterranean region.

.Fine polishing of products, rejection of burrs, ensuring smooth product feel

.The card slot is precise and easy to disassemble, ensuring that the parts are in good condition and assembled smoothly

.Precision cutting, error control within 5 microns, excellence

.The product is highly playable, exercise child's patience and brain development, bring a sense of accomplishment, and enjoy the fun of DIY assembly.Applicable Age: 6 years old or older

Single arm trebuchetSingle arm trebuchet