Life-Size Lifeline Heirloom Metal Replica Final Product

Life-Size Lifeline Heirloom Metal Replica Final Product

A lot of Apex gamers want me to make the 1:1 Scale Lifeline heirloom.

But, I was not intending to make it at the first.

The Lifeline heirloom has a lot of complicated patterns on its surface and it's difficult to make it stretch out and draw back without damaging the patterns.

But people are so enthusiastic about it that I can't refuse.

So I finally decide to make a real-life Lifeline heirloom.

The problems are far more than I expected.

After searching for data from Google, I found there is not any available 3D model or complete pictures to help me finish the metal mold which is necessary for casting this replica.

I have to watch the inspection animation of the Lifeline heirloom again and again.

But finally, I finished the design and final products.

Let's take a look at the final product of my metal full-size Lifeline shock sticks.

 The unpainted metal apex lifeline heirloom replica.

unpainted lifeline heirloom

Painted Lifeline heirloom and semi-finished products.

unpainted lifeline heirloom and painted one

Lifeline head portrait sculpture on the stick.

lifeline head portrait

The drone on the stick.

drone on lifeline heirloom

The letters and patterns on this Apex heirloom.

apex heirloom details

letters on lifeline heirloom

beautiful images on the lifeline heirloom

All the details is well made for this beautiful handicraft.

lifeline shock sticks details

I can say it's the best Lifeline heirloom replica and Apex heirloom real life collection you can find on the market.

full size lifeline heirloom replica

Nobody can make the same real size Lifeline heirloom craft like me do with the same metal material.

And mine metal handicraft even much better details.

apex heirloom collection

This is a full handicraft, I use the metal mold to cast the metal parts, but the mold needs a lot of hand works, while the polishing and painting job is 100% finished by hand.

game art craft

I can say this game weapon replica is not inferior to any game art collection made by those famous workshop.

Displaying this game craft in your game room is extremely cool.

I will attach a display holder to the package so you don't need to buy it from another place.

lifeline heirloom with display holder

But you can also find some better wooden display stand from the market, if you think this assemble plastic holder is not good enough for this game artwork.

This wooden stand is I purchased from my market, people are made it for displaying some craft swords.

lifeline apex heirloom with stand

To avoid delivery damage during international transportation.

I have customized some specific packages for this craft.

It has a plastic holder inside which can minimize friction and shaking while it's in transit.
I wish all my customers can receive it without any problem.

My Youtube video will provide you a more clearly review of it.

As for the price of this apex game collection, it's 109$ on my site. And I will provide a 20$ discount for pre-ordering customers. The discount will end after its releasing.

This amazing heirloom replica is quantity limited and open for pre-ordering now.

As a craftsman with over 200K followers, and who is active on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube, I can promise this is not a scam.

Get it while you can.



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