Metal VCT Knife Project

Metal VCT Knife Project

The new VCT knife is something that looks incredibly cool.

vct knife

So I decide to make a real metal replica of it.

It would be a blunt blade prop for display and collection only.

I will also apply some luminous paint to it to make it a fantastic appearance during the night.

vct knife valorant

Now I have built a 3D model of it.

vct knife 3d model

More details will be published on my Instagram and Youtube.

Could you share your opinion about what color option you want me to make, cause I don't want to make all of them?

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Still 7 times cheaper than the actual one

Logan Doi

bruh if this is as good as i hope it is im def coping one when it comes out.


You should make a modular holder for the knife so people that have multiple knife can stack it on top of each other i think this would look great especially for the VCT knife


I know this is a bit sudden and you may do it but please make a life sized oni katana from valorant(it just came out) also for the vct knife consider making all colors


as a valorant player i highly reccomend you make all 4 colors but if you don’t want to make blue and red or blue and green as for the materials how will you make the crystal part? not only its probably a special material it has a weird looking surface. I recommend you use more shiny luminous material my mom uses expoxy reisin for her art work and its like a liquid that you apply on something and once It dries it has a shiny plastic like surface (note that epoxy resin is messy and it might not work on the knife. also i love this idea and i support it do you have any idea on the possible price of it?


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