Metal VCT Knife Project

Metal VCT Knife Project

The new VCT knife is something that looks incredibly cool.

vct knife

So I decide to make a real metal replica of it.

It would be a blunt blade prop for display and collection only.

I will also apply some luminous paint to it to make it a fantastic appearance during the night.

vct knife valorant

Now I have built a 3D model of it.

vct knife 3d model

More details will be published on my Instagram and Youtube.

Could you share your opinion about what color option you want me to make, cause I don't want to make all of them?

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Definitely can’t wait to see the finished product!


Hello, I got some thoughts concerning the final result of this knife. Im wondering what these color inserts on the handle are gonna be made of. In game they look like crystal, that is, it would look pretty lame if they were painted in some solid color. So I suggest to use more similar material to in-game version, colorful epoxy resin for example. And as for the blade itself, in-game version aslo has a gradient on the color side.
P.s. – if this idea (with special material) worked, you’d definetely get a client :)


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