New Wraith Heirlooms Were Released

New Wraith Heirlooms Were Released

I finally finished the Wraith heirloom in blue and purple color.

And managed to make the luminous lighting effect.

wraith heirlooms blue

Unlike the white Wraith heirloom. The purple and blue one is attached with a red display holder. It's also made of metal.

wraith heirloom with display holder

This is the blue color Wraith heirloom, picture was taken at night. The lighting effect is original and not edited.

purple wraith heirloom

Besides, the blue and purple Wraith kunai is also attached with a handmade leather sheath.

It's useful for when you use it as a cosplay prop.

wraith heirloom with leather sheath

There is a Wraith skill totem on the leather sheath.

purple wraith kunai

The light effect paint is almost transparent under the sunshine. It only glows in the dark places.

To make it luminous, you need to charge it under the sunshine or strong light.

I believe this Wraith kunai will be one of the most attractive game craft you have ever seen.

You can order it via from my store now.


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