Octane Heirloom Screws Upgrade

Octane Heirloom Screws Upgrade

My Octane heirloom should be the best replica and has a 90% similarity to the game design.
octane heirloom comparing
But there are still some details I'm not satisfied with-- the Octane heirloom in-game has hexagon screws while mine is cross-type.

So I spends a lot of time persuading the screws maker to make some new customized screws for me.

And I also request them to make the new screws not so easily getting loose.

new octane heirloom screws

Finally, the new screws are ready now.

I applied them to my new Octane heirloom immediately.

Let's take a look at the new Octane balisong.

new octane heirloom

octane heirloom with new screws

2nd octane heirloom new

new octane balisong

Click here to buy the 2nd Octane heirloom with new screws.



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