The Most Accurate Metal Wraith heirloom Replica

The Most Accurate Metal Wraith heirloom Replica

Unsatisfied with the wraith kunais on the market.

I'm making the most accurate Wraith heirloom now.

Here is the design I adopted.

Wraith kunai design 3d model

And I redesigned it.

wraith kunai

Now the unpainted prototype is ready.

Wraith heirloom

Wraith kunai

It has much more details than other fan made Wraith heirloom.

wraith kunai blade

Flower totem on the handle.

handle details of the wraith kunai

It's also much thick and heavier than other Wraith kunai replica.

thickness of new wraith heirloom

You will feel a kind of power when you hold it. : )

wraith heirloom in my hand

Soon, this cool handicraft will be ready for order.

wraith kunai display

Half painted Wraith heirloom

half painted wraith heirloom

new type wraith heirloom

wraith heirloom with holder

Beautifual final product with display holder. Click here to buy it.

wraith heirloom for sale

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