Why I Have Kept Making New Crafts

Why I Have Kept Making New Crafts

During the last few years, I and my team members have made some of the most attractive game crafts on the market. \

Gamers use my crafts as room decoration, collection, or game mates gift.

Crafts made by Leone Tang

For example some of the Apex heirlooms like the Octane Heirloom, Bloodhound Axe, Wraith Kunai, Lifeline Sticks, etc.

Apex heirlooms made by Leone Tang

And Valorant knives like RGX Butterfly Knife, Reaver Karambit, Jett Kunai, Yoru Comb, Glitchpop Dagger, etc.

Valorant Knives Made By Leone Tang

Most of them are made of metal, highly detailed, and priced at an affordable price, therefore popular on the market.

A lot of my customers has share their love for my crafts.

Some feedback for the Octane heirlooms I made.

That gives us the strength to keep up and make more cool crafts for gamers.

(some new craft ideas here, what you want to see for the next?)



But nothing is all smooth, especially for a small business.

Sometimes the customs officers will detain our products because they thought they were weapons, even though we already claimed they were blunt and made for display only.

Sometimes Delivery Violence breaks our crafts, even if they are made of metal.

Sometimes the delivery company loses our orders or sends them to the wrong places.

And sometimes, scammers will steal our contents-pictures, videos, or even product descriptions, and pretend it's theirs.


I mean, as a business, there are a lot of problems here.

I'm going to start another business already if my goal is all about making money.

What makes me keep making cool game crafts into reality, is not only making money from them, but what’s more, is the passion for making cool game props into real life.


My dream for this career so far is to make something that will be enjoyed by the customers even after a lot of years.

Once I can hear your positive feedback about my crafts, I will keep working hard to develop more of them. (please keep sharing me your feedback)



The feeling of making real-valued crafts is like cultivating excellent children, when they are praised by the buyers, you feel proud.

Sometimes a craft seems not so worth making, the money and time invested in it never making back, but I still want to make it.

It’s about fun, passion, and love.

That's why I keep listening to the voices of my followers about the crafts they want.

And why I have kept making new crafts.

Today is July 9th, 2024, I hope enjoy your life and work.

Leone Tang

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